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Completers of all 17 races from 2015, Roger Ockenden (Arena 80); Ian Reader, Stuart Bellis and Sheri Halfacree (Arunners); Theresa Chalk, Malcolm Slater, Jay Wadey and David Woodhouse (Burgess Hill); Jill Renson and Tom Blaylock (Chichester Runners); Nicki Hawkins (Goring RR); Danielle Kaelin and Fabian Kaelin (Henfield Joggers); John Little (Lancing Eagles); Mike Airey (Portslade Hedgehoppers); Mark Clawson; Malcolm Wiltshire, Darren Hunt, Stella Daff, Debbie Witshire and Theresa Chalk (Saints & Sinners); Lee Oxley (Steyning AC)

Race Results 2016

Club Rankings after 9 races 
Club Improvements after 7 races
Club Rankings after 9 races with experimental points

Race 1  1st January Hangover 5 Final
Race 2  31st JanuaryLido 4Final
Race 3  28th MarchLewes Final
Race 4  8th MayHedgehoppersFinal
Race 5  18th MayTrundle Hill RunFinal
Race 6  8th JuneBeach RunFinal
Race 7  12th JuneHove ParkFinal
Race 8  25th JuneDownland Dash Final
Race 9 6th JulyRound Hill Romp Revised
Race 10 24th JulySeven Stiles Provisional
Race 11 3rd AugustHighdown Hike  
Race 12 21st AugustHornet's Stinger  
Race 13 4th SeptemberFittleworth 5 
Race 14 11th SeptemberTilgate Forest  
Race 15  
Race 16
Race 17  


Race Results 2015

Club Rankings FINAL after after 17 senior races

Club Improvements FINAL after 17 senior races

Race 1   1st JanuaryHangover 5 Final
Race 2   25th JanuaryWorthing Lido 4Final
Race 3  15th FebruaryValentine'sFinal
Race 4   25th MarchFoxtrot 5Cancelled
Race 5  6th AprilLewesFinal
Race 6   10th MayHedgehoppers 5Final
Race 7   20th MayBeach RunFinal
Race 8   27th MayTrundle Hill RunFinal
Race 9   14th JuneHove Park 5kFinal
Race 10  27th JuneDownland DashFinal
Race 11  1st JulyRoundhill RompFinal
Race 12  26th JulySeven Stiles 26thFinal
Race 13  5th AugustHighdown HikeFinal
Race 14  16th AugustTilgate ForestFinal
Race 15  23rd AugustHornets' StingerFinal
Race 16  6th SeptemberFittleworth 5Final
Race 17  11th OctoberHickstead GallopFinal
Race 18  18th October
Steepdown ChallengeFinal

Race Results 2014

Club Rankings FINAL after 18 races

Club Improvements FINAL after 18 races

In 2014 there were 20 runners who completed all 18 races,

Artur Kurkzac, Ian Reader, Wendy Tully, Hannah Watkins, James Sorbie, Tony Cooley, Jan Hill, Sue Pearson, Rupert Purchase, Diane Berry,Jenny, Mike Saunders, Victoria Saunders, Mark Smee, John Nicel, John Russell, Mike Airey, Tim Carder, Brian Purnell and Lee Oxley.

Race 126th JanuaryWorthing Lido 4Final
Race 22nd FebruaryValentinesFinal
Race 316th MarchFoxes FiveFinal
Race 423rd MarchHangover 5Final
Race 521st AprilLewesFinal
Race 611th MayHedgehoppersFinal
Race 721st MayTrundle Hill RunFinal
Race 88th JuneHove ParkFinal
Race 9
28th June Downland DashFinal
Race 102nd July
Roundhill RompFinal
Race 1116th JulyBeach RunFinal
Race 1227th JulySeven StilesFinal
Race 136th AugustHighdown HikeFinal
Race 1417th AugustTilgate ForestFinal
Race 1524th AugustHornets' Stinger
Race 167th SeptemberFittleworthFinal
Race 17
Race 18
12th October
19th October


Race Results 2013

Club Rankings Final

Club Improvements Final

Race 11st JanuaryHangover 5Final
Race 227th JanuaryWorthing Lido4Final
Race 310th FebruaryValentinesFinal
Race 417th MarchFoxes FiveFinal
Race 51st AprilLewesFinal
Race 612th MayHedgehoppersFinal
Race 722nd MayTrundle Hill RunFinal
Race 89th JuneHove ParkFinal
Race 9
22nd June Burgess HillFinal
Race 1026th JuneBeach RunFinal
Race 113rd JulyRoundhill RompFinal
Race 127th AugustHighdown HikeFinal
Race 1318th AugustTilgate Forset 5Final
Race 141st SeptemberFittleworthFinal
Race 1514th SeptemberHenfieldFinal
Race 1613th OctoberHicksteadFinal
Race 1720th OctoberLancingFinal

Race Results 2012

Club Rankings FINAL

Club Improvements FINAL

Race 12nd JanuaryHangover 5Results
Race 229th JanuaryWorthing Lido4Results
Race 312th FebruaryValentinesCANCELLED
Race 411th MarchFoxes FiveResults
Race 59th AprilLewesResults
Race 613th MayHedgehoppersResults
Race 716th MayTrundle Hill RunResults
Race 823rd MayBeach RunResults
Race 910th JuneHove ParkResults
Race 104th JulyRoundhill RompResults
Race 118th JulyWivelsfield WobbleResults
Race 121st AugustHighdown HikeResults 
Race 135th AugustTilgate Forset 5Results
Race 142nd SeptemberFittleworthResults
Race 1515th SeptemberHenfieldResults
Race 1614th OctoberHicksteadResults
Race 1721st OctoberLancingResults

Race Results 2011 

 Club Rankings FINAL

Race 13rd JanuaryHangover 5Results
Race 216th JanuaryPlumpton ClassicResults
Race 330th JanuaryWorthing Lido 4Results
Race 413th FebruaryValentinesResults
Race 525th AprilLewes Easter 10kmResults
Race 64th MayLitlehampton Beach RunResults
Race 715th MayHedgehoppers 5Results
Race 818th MayTrundle Hill RunResults
Race 95th JuneHove ParkResults
Race 106th JulyRoundhill RompResults
Race 1110th JulyWivelsfield Woodland WobbleResults
Race 123rd AugustHighdown HikeResults
Race 137th AugustTilgate Forest 5Results 
Race 144th SeptemberFittleworth FlyersResults
Race 1517th SeptemberHenfield 7 StilesResults
Race 169th OctoberHickstead GallopResults
Race 1716th OctoberLancing Steepdown ChallengeResults
Race 186th NovemberFoxes 5CANCELLED

Race Results 2010

Final Club Rankings after 17 races

 Race 1
1st January 
Hangover 5 
 10th January
Plumpton Classic 
 Race 2
31st January
Worthing Lido 4
 Race 314th February
 Race 45th April
Lewes 10k
 Race 511th April
Hedgehoppers 5
 Race 619th May
Trundle Hill Run
 Race 7
6th JuneHove ParkResults
 Race 8
7th JulyRound Hill RompResults
 Race 9
11th JulyWivelsfield WobbleResults
 Race 10
18th JulyBeach RunResults
 Race 11
4th AugustHighdown HikeResults
 Race 12
8th AugustTilgate ForestResults
 Race 13
5th SeptemberFittleworth 5Results
 Race 14
18th SeptemberSeven StilesResults 
 Race 15
10th October Hickstead GallopResults
 Race 16
17th OctoberSteepdown ChallengeResults 
 Race 17
5th NovemberFoxtrot 5Results

Race Results 2009

Race 1 Hangover 51st JanuaryResults
 Race 2 Plumpton 18th JanuaryResults
 Race 3 Worthing Lido 25th JanuaryResults
 Race 4 Valentines 15th FebruaryResults
 Race 5 Lewes 13th AprilResults
 Race 6 Hedgehoppers 19th AprilResults
 Race 7 Trundle 20th MayResults
 Race 8 Hove Park 7th JuneResults
 Race 9 Beach Run 28th JuneResults
 Race 10 Round Hill Romp 1st JulyResults
 Race 11 Wivelsfield 12th JulyResults 
 Race 12 Tilgate 19th JulyCancelled
 Race 13 Highdown Hike 5th AugustResults
 Race 14 Fittleworth 6th SeptemberResults
 Race 15 Seven Stiles 19th SeptemberResults
 Race 16 Lancing Manor 11th OctoberResults
 Race 17 Foxes Five 22nd NovemberResults

2009 Senior Final Scores

2009 Junior Final Scores

Race Results 2008

Hangover 5 (non scoring)

1st JanuaryResults
Race 1 Plumpton Classic20th JanuaryResults
Race 2 Worthing Lido 427th JanuaryResults
Race 3 Valentines 3.5m17th FebruaryResults
Race 4 Lewes  Easter Monday 10k24th MarchResults
Race 5 Hedgehoppers 527th April


Race 6 Trundle Hill Run21st May


Race 7 Hove Park 5k8th JuneResults
Race 8 Roundhill Romp2nd JulyResults
Race 9 Wivelsfield Woodland Wobble6th JulyResults
Race 10 Tilgate Forest 5m20th JulyResults
Race 11 Highdown Hike 4m6th August


Race 12 Beach Run 5m24th AugustResults
Race 13 Fittleworth Five7th SeptemberResults
Race 14 Seven Stiles 4m20th SeptemberResults
Race 15 Lancing Manor 5m26th OctoberResults
Race 16 Foxes 523rd NovemberResults

2008 Club Rankings Senior

2008 Club Rankings Junior

Race Results 2007

 Race 1  Plumpton Classic21st JanuaryResults
 Race 2  Splash Point 428th JanuaryResults
 Race 3  Valentines11th FebruaryResults
 Race 4  Lewes Easter 10km9th AprilResults
 Race 5  Hedgehoppers 529th AprilResults
 Race 6  Trundle Hill Run23rd MayResults
 Race 7  Hove Park 5km10th JuneResults
 Race 8  Beach Run24th JuneResults
 Race 9  Roundhill Romp4th JulyResults
 Race 10 Woodland Wobble8th JulyResults
 Race 11 Tilgate Forest22nd JulyResults
 Race 12 Highdown Hike1st AugustResults
 Race 13 Fittleworth 52nd SeptemberResults
 Race 14 Seven Stiles22nd SeptemberResults
 Race 15 Lancing Manor14th OctoberResults
 Race 16 Foxes Fawkes Five4th NovemberResults

Club Rankings